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So Far So Good Syrah 2017 has been produced in a limited quantity of 700 bottles only. We invite you to share a special moment with families, friends, your loved ones with this wine that we have carefully sourced and offer you with a personalised label.

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Winemaker’s Note

So Far So Good Syrah 2017 is a full bodied, intense, warm and velvety wine with hints of liquorice, mint and brambly fruit. Pepper and dark fruit notes give a rich and spicy body making this wine a perfect match for juicy steaks, caramelised onions, goat cheese tarts or vegetarian lasagne. Mark your everyday or special moment with So Far So Good Syrah 2017. 

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The Tuscan Magic

So Far So Good Syrah 2017 was produced with Syrah wine grapes harvested from Tuchan, a region situated between Narbonne and Perpignan in the South of France. The grapes are hand picked from vines planted in steep slopes more than 40 years of age fit to create the highest quality luxury wine.

Grapes are hand picked one by one to ensure the highest quality and moved into a stainless container for a 12 hour chilling process followed by a 10 day long fermentation. After the fermentation the grapes are pressed and stored in a year old French oak barrel to mature for 10 months. The wine was then bottled one fine day in July on 2017. 

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